DIGIDATA is proud to announce the launching of its new service "LIVE MOBILE TV", for more info please do not hesitate to contact us
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Live Video Broadcast Via Web: Digidata’s technologies offer also a live video broadcasting for any uploaded live streaming via the company website or any other personal/corporate website. The streaming has high quality resolution and minimum delay (based on the download internet connection). Read more...

GPRS: Digidata offers you real time vehicle and asset tracking using a compact technologically advanced GPS tracking device with embedded antennas for GSM and GPS enclosed in a weatherproof IP67 rated form factor housing. This device can be rapidly installed in any vehicle or asset since there are no antennas to mount and no antenna cable to route through the vehicle. For basic track and trace, only three wires must be connected to the vehicles electrical system. It operates in SMS and GPRS modes using 128 bit AES encryption, this gives it the ability to transmit its position securely as a text message and can be monitored in real-time via internet using a Windows client-server solution in a secure environment. The racking systems platform allows advanced features and applications to be catered for. Read more...

Inter-branch Networking Solution: Digidata sets-up and designs internet based networks to join companies with 2 branches or more (up to 300 end points-nationwide & international) offering cost efficient communications; ranging from voice calls to video calls to file transfer data via our reliable and high quality equipments. Interbranching supports mailbox, fax, and voice recording systems. Digidata's networking solution is easy to install and can be based on old infrastructure or new incase required. The virtual network is based on extension lines provided for every end point allowing unlimited communication between any branch, local or abroad, at any time for a flat license rate. In addition, the networking design supports IPcam monitoring through the internet at any location.

Call Conference Set-up: Digidata's IP system sets up to 10 voice conference simultaneously from any end point of the privatized network. Read more...

Wireless SIP Phone
As an expansion of IP-based telephony solutions we offer a wireless complement for more mobility and freedom with high quality performance. Our products allow the discerning user easy access to all functions via a color user interface. It also impresses with its brilliant design.

The decision to integrate DECT technology is an expression of our partner's business philosophy to offer dependable VoIP phones that are highly interoperable as well as user-friendly to operate.

For the specific use on frequently called extensions, our product also offers business customers the highest possible flexibility and mobility with functions like holding/resuming calls and call forwarding via SIP. While the caller is holding, music-on-hold is available from the IP PBX.Read more...

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